Skilled Worker Independent Visa

Australia, also known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country that consists of Australia continent and many small islands. Australia is the world’s smallest continent but sixth-largest country, and the largest country without land borders.

Why Migrate to Australia ?

  • Free medical care services.
  • Family tax benefits.
  • Permanent residency baby bonus.
  • Full working rights and assistance in finding a job.

Main Requirements:

  • Main Applicant should be 18 years or above
  • Occupation must be in demand
  • Meet the English Language requirement
  • Obtain a positive skills assessment result
  • Meet the health requirement
  • Meet the character requirement
  • Collect 65 points according to the pointing system

Timeline and Procedures

  • Collecting Documents.
  • Skills Assessment.
  • Expression of Interest  valid for 2 Year at Max.
  • Invitation – Immigration Application.
  • Medical Examination.
  • Receive Permanent Residence Visa


Timeline and Procedures

From 18 – 33 Months

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