Canada, the second-largest country in the world occupies most of the northern part of North America, covering the vast land area from the United States in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north. It is a country of enormous distances and rich natural resources.

Despite Canada’s great size, it is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries. Although Canadians are comparatively few in number, however, they have crafted what many observers consider to be a model multicultural society.
Canada’s Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has set a goal of admitting over one million new permanent residents by the end of 2021. The previous Minister of the IRCC, Ahmed Hussein explained that the goal of this ambitious target is “growing immigration levels, particularly in the Economic Class, will help us sustain our labor force, support economic growth and spur innovation”.

The current minister, Marco Mendicino, is set to continue in this plan and is active to continue the historic low of Canadian unemployment.

Canada is considered one of the quietest and safest countries in the world. According to the Global Peace Index, Canada was ranked as the 8th safest county in the world. Besides that, it enjoys a very high quality of life.

Canada’s constitution established both English and French as official languages. However, English is dominant throughout most of the country; only one province, New Brunswick, is officially bilingual, and French is the official provincial language only in Quebec.

Over the years, Canada emerged as the main destination for individuals who seek to immigrate and start their life in a safe place. Canada offers two main immigration programs, the first of which is Canada Skilled Migration Program (Federal Skilled Worker), which allows experienced workers to immigrate through Canada Express Entry system (Express Entry Canada).

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The second main type of immigration programs in Canada is the Immigration Entrepreneurial Programs, that aim to encourage businessmen, self-employed and entrepreneurs to contribute to Canada’s growth and prosperity through investing in Canada.

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